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Mission Statement


The Cognitive-Community Integration Lab is dedicated to research, education, advocacy, and community service regarding cognitive-communication functioning, life participation, and quality of life across the lifespan of individuals with and without acquired brain injuries. Behavioral and neuroimaging methodologies target a variety of areas (for example: language, memory, executive functioning, social pragmatics, and neuroplasticity) that are important for successful participation in a variety of environments (for example: home, school, and work).  

The Cognitive-Community Integration Lab AY 2022-2023


Not pictured: Meredith Adams and Sofia Stratford

The Cognitive-Community Integration Lab 2019-2020

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Dr. Therese O’Neil-Pirozzi, CCC-SLP

Dr. Therese O’Neil-Pirozzi, CCC-SLP

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Northeastern University

70 Forsyth Building, Room 103

360 Huntington Ave. | Boston, MA  02115-5000


(617) 373-5750

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Cognitive-Community Integration Lab